Re: Power Steering Valve Assembly

Posted by HH56 On 2021/9/2 9:11:00
Assume you are referring to the Bendix system with separate control valve? If it is the Monroe system, those control valves are inside the housing and it is usually the rod seal that leaks. I have had issues with the Bendix power cylinder seal leaking around the rod which is somewhat expected after sitting for years and more or less being suddenly exposed to a dry rod and hardened road debris scraping across the seal. Monroe could have a similar issue. Do not recall issues with the Bendix control valves although I guess any dry seal suddenly put back into operation after a long sit could crack or leak.

Have any of the valves been rebuilt because for a lot of years there were no rebuild kits as such and you were on your own to source individual seals that would fit. Unless you had a service manual there were also no detailed instructions on how things fit back together. I know for a fact some got that part wrong -- including a professional mechanic that worked on a Bendix system in a 64 Hawk I once owned.

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