Re: No brake lights or load leveler

Posted by HH56 on 2021/9/13 9:00:38
The tail lights and turn signals are separately powered and switched items but the brake light switch is common to both your issues and is most likely at fault. In a 55 power for the brake lights come from the body feed fuse under the dash and goes to the brake switch. If the brakes are not being used the power from the fuse then goes out the brake switch, thru the torsion level on/off switch, and then on to the TL control switch to power that circuitry. As soon as you apply the brakes, the brake switch cuts off power to the TL switch so the TL cannot operate while brakes are on and instead sends that power to the turn signal switch. In the turn switch it is cut off from going to one side if that side is needed to flash and then sent on to rear bulb(s) for the brake light.

You can try another 3 terminal switch but the 3 terminal replacements or even NOS switches seem to be hit or miss. The conversion to an inexpensive and easily found 2 terminal switch with relay added for the TL switching seems to have solved the switch problem. Several of the vendors have premade assemblies that you can just install in place of the 3 terminal switch or you can make your own for a bit of time and the cost of a few inexpensive parts. You can also install a mechanical switch although that requires a bit more work because of mechanical fabrication needed for the bracket to mount a switch.

Here is an older thread with more info on the various switch conversion options as well as the circuitry thru the turn signal switch. . ... id=232528#forumpost232528

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