Re: 1956 Clipper Turn signal flasher

Posted by Bill Heptig On 2021/9/28 10:34:18
Getting back to this now, I have some questions and am little lost.

I have the following situation now, both indicator lights are on when the car is started, the indicator opposite the selected side on the dash lights when a turn is seleted. Left blinks when right is selected left stays on and vice versa, however externally the signals work correctly.

To clarify:
" The dotted lines are only meant to differentiate the 49-52 single bulb indicator circuit from the 53-56 dual bulb indicators." so the dotted lines are not wiring in the circuit?

So if I understand correctly If I selected a right turn, the orange wire would be powered, and because the left front signal light is not powered there would be a ground through the left dash panel light and the left dash indicator light?

"Functionally, both indicator lights get voltage from a separate contact in the flasher at the same time the flasher sends voltage to the outside bulbs"

The flasher normally just turns on and off (Blue wire?) the switch has contacts the send current on side or the other. I see the flasher has a separate contact pin 2. Does that pin provide + 12 or ground? Seems it must be +12 to make the 49/52 indicator work?

This starts to make sense in terms of seeing both dash lights on, seems to me a ground connection to the dash indicators (dashed line if a physical wire?) would solve my problem. getting a ground thru othere lamps makes no sense as voltage distributes across all loads. So I still have my previous question what is the path to ground if its through another lamp that's a problem...

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