'55 Clipper with stripped bleed valve - replace brake wheel cylinder?

Posted by onyerleft on 2021/9/26 16:02:31
Two years ago I had Ed Strain rebuild the Easa-Matic brake master cylinder on my '55 Clipper Custom. Brakes worked great for a while, but when braking was getting soft I decided it was time to bleed them. The nut on my right rear wheel bleed valve is stripped, however. It will not budge, even at the mercy of vice-grips.

A mechanic who once restored Packards at the Petersen Museum told me he had success removing stripped bleed valves with a Grip-Tite socket:


Alternatively, I could buy 4 replacement wheel cylinders from Kanter and replace those - however, I'm a beginner and want to avoid getting in over my head. Any suggestions appreciated.

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