Re: Painting Wheel Wells on a 1955

Posted by Leeedy on 2021/10/30 19:48:45

Marty or Marston wrote:
The decision has been made. Rather than going with Packard's scheme of black wheel wells, we are going with White Jade. I'll get a quart of single phase enamel from TCP Global in the next month or.

Please don't do your wheel wells in black. Packard did not do the finish coating in black. This is a mistaken belief/phenomenon recommendation that has appeared in recent years. Why, I have no idea. Black primer, yes. Not gloss or semi-gloss finish coat!

I have not seen the "judging guides" mentioned, but if they say black wheel wells and inner fenders are right, they are horribly mistaken.

On a 1955 Caribbean with a standard factory paint job, the wheel well housings would have been painted Jade White both on the outside behind the front wheel and on the engine compartment side. This is how they were done at the factory.

You can see this color in many of the factory photos from 1955 and 1956. Not artwork, but actual photos.

The passenger side of the engine compartment sometimes had Jade White fogged over the side of the fresh air ducting (the underside of the duct may show a little black primer). But the intent was the passenger side of the engine compartment should be white.

The only time black would have been visible on the outside of the wheel well housing would have been if the vehicle had been treated with undercoating at the dealer.

When these fenders for a Caribbean went through the paint shop at Conner Avenue the top coat of lacquer was always white. The color stripes (as in a factory standard color scheme) were added afterward.

Dare I say these fenders were painted on the second floor of the mythical "single story plant" that people keep talking about?

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