Re: Resurrecting 55 Patrician

Posted by HH56 on 2021/11/2 9:09:10
The gauge and instrument voltage regulator would seem to be OK since the other gauges work and the temp gauge needle moves toward hot by grounding the wire.

You might verify the adapter plate the sender screws into has a good ground connection to the rest of the block. Sometimes paint or a layer of RTV sealant or rust and corrosion buildup around the two mounting bolts can result in a poor ground connection.
If you have an ohmmeter and a reasonably accurate thermometer then with those and a pan of heating water you could run a few tests on the sender to make sure it is good and the correct one. Here is a chart another poster made some years ago showing the relative temps vs resistance range. For your 55 gauge, the top half of the chart with the temp to needle positions is not really applicable but can be used to get a general indication of where the needle would sit. Your gauge is marked differently than the 51-4 gauges the chart was based on.

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