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Posted by Leeedy on 2021/12/29 13:58:01

Marvin wrote:
In researching clogged fuel line, I came across the project blog section. I do not wish to post incorrectly and since this posting will be ongoing, is there a way to transfer this thread to the project blog?
plus, I am truly having a delightful time with the fuel system. Today I connected an electric fuel pump to the fuel line in front of the engine and discovered there wasn't any no fuel being expelled. My belief, is that I will have to drop the tank and starting with the pickup screen work my way back to the front, possibly replacing everything as I go.

As I pointed out in the two major reasons why fuel isn't pumping in cars that have been sitting. You dealt with reason #1 and I was right on that one. Reason #2 (as I listed) is that the intake tube IN the tank (the thing I call the "index finger") is usually clogged with rust. You MAY get lucky and be able to unplug the rust in this tube. But be forewarned... this is not easy at all to do.

And as I said, all the new fuel pumps (including electric ones) in the world will never repair or bypass this problem. It just won't work. And I don't know of a "screen" in the tank... just the bent index finger intake tube that likes to clog up (usually beginning at the bend of the tube).

And again as I said... boiling out the tank and the usual fixes/cleanings do nothing to cure this line if it is blocked with rust. And the intake tubes often are.

Cleaning the intake tube is possible, but usually nowhere easy. Since the tube was usually welded into the tank, it really is a big deal to try and clean it or service it. My cure was simply to find a good tank with a clear and clean intake tube... and replace the clogged tank.

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