Re: Should I Make the Trade?

Posted by Packardfan on 2022/5/20 17:59:11
Happy Friday guys! I am back at it. Check out all of these pics and let me know what you think. Everything works on this one(supposedly). The paint has been touched up in a couple spots, has a couple dents in the trim and needs new trim on top of windshield. He says it has always been garage kept 2nd owner. I guess the only thing wrong is the carb needs rebuild. all stock, 28,000 original miles. He is asking 11k. I got quotes to ship to San Diego around 2k enclosed carrier. That will effect my offer. What do you guys think?

I found a video of someone else checking it out 3weeks ago. Here is the link to the video. That is not me in the video, I called the guy Eric who took this video and he said he was going to buy it and flip it but passed. He didn't have anything bad to say about it other than the little dents in the trim and the bit of rust under the left side tail pipe as you will see in the pic. Also couldn't test drive it because the accelerator pump is bad. He said it fired right up.

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