Re: ‘56 400 vapor lock

Posted by HH56 On 2022/5/22 18:24:54
on my return home my drivers side rear electric window decided to stop working! Well, at least I can drive the car. Thanks again for the help. If I get stuck with the rear window on my ‘56 400 you’ll be hearing from me again…

All the windows are powered from the same relay and source so unless you have a broken wire going to the failed door and only that switch does not operate the motor it is not likely a power supply issue. Switches and motors are both a known failure item.

If power is present and a single switch does not work the window then the switch is likely. There is also a possibility the push on connector that connects to the switch connecting pins has a loose terminal inside or has become disconnected from the back of the switch. The usual switch failure is due to a very small surface on one side of a rivet that makes the contact inside the switch. That small surface carries a large amount of current and frequently arcs and otherwise gets hot enough to melt the copper rivet end flush with the moving support surface of the switch so rivet can no longer make contact. A switch failure usually happens in one direction only.

If both the drivers door and rear window switches fail to operate then most likely the motor. The usual motor failure is a broken armature shaft but if you hear noise like the motor is trying to work then a mechanical issue with the regulator or something blocking a window channel cannot be ruled out. The original motors have a thermal breaker inside them. If there is a large amount of drag on the window and motor was overloaded there is also a possibility that breaker tripped but those will reset when motor cools.

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