Watts Linkage - 1955 Caribbean

Posted by Marty or Marston on 2022/5/29 19:35:55
On the Watts Linkage on the rear end of the car, the pin that holds arms in place on the center bracket has come loose (see photo). Reading several posts on Packardinfo.com #1 and #2, it seems like I should be able to jack the rear of the car up and while lying on my back be able to:

1. Disconnect the both linkage arms from both ends
2. Remove the bracket on the center of the car which is bolted to the frame
3. Alter a steel bolt and nut such that the head and nut are thinner replacing the pin which has come loose.

At which point it should be able to use the modified bolt/nut reinstall the center bracket with the linkage installed on the bracket. Connect the arms to the studs on the axel.

Now the question of the day is where have I gone wrong and how hard will it be to accomplish the above?

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