Re: Watts Linkage - 1955 Caribbean

Posted by Marty or Marston on 2022/5/31 18:31:28
I removed the Watts Linkage hardware today. The hardware in the center bracket is different than what Ross had portrayed (See photo). So I’m guessing that when the car was restored in it’s past they made the changes. The holes in the two side pieces are ½” and the two separators are just over ½” in diameter, with a 3/8” hole in the middle and 1.18” long. A 3/8” bolt whose head was modified and a thin nut was used the hold the hardware together.

I’ll make separators out of 5/8” stock with shoulders to maintain the distance (Is 1.2” correct?) and use button bolts to hold it together as I don’t have a welder.

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