Re: Mike P 1955 400 Slow Resto Thread!

Posted by Leeedy On 2022/6/13 9:57:12
You have a very nice start here. And as I predicted earlier, I don't see any serious rust. Again, I believe this was a car once owned by Harold LeMay.

What I do see is that your radio is not the original. Somebody has swapped it out. What you have here is a rare Clipper signal-seeking radio, not a senior Packard radio. Also the station setting slide (the little red plastic thingies) flipper cover appears to be broken off.

This radio was optional extra-cost on Clipper and also used on the Executive series.

How do I know this is a Clipper radio? The senior Packard "wonder bar" and push buttons were smooth with a satin brushed finish. The junior "wonder bar" was chrome and had a serrated, notched design as this one has. The radio dial background coloring is also darker. These radios and their differences are shown in the salesman's data books and elsewhere.

I would swap it out for the correct unit and let someone with a Clipper have a chance at this rare optional radio head.

As for cracked glass... there are lots and lots of parts cars sitting around with good door glass and decent windshields. Piece of cake.

Good luck with your Four Hundred.

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