Re: Mike P 1955 400 Slow Resto Thread!

Posted by Packardfan On 2022/6/13 13:47:38
I'm amazed at how good the interior is. The seats, headliner, and door panels are exceptional.

This was the driving factor for me to buy the car. Right when I seen the interior I was pretty much sold!

I also picked up a Motors manual of Ebay that covers my year, and the information in there was very helpful in setting the carb back up when I rebuilt it.

[color=0033FF]I just printed, hole punched and put in a binder the manual and parts book for 55's. I am all set now the carb rebuild kit should be here this week sometime.

Classic Exhaust makes complete replacement systems for our cars.

Thanks for the tip

Alternatively you could have an exhaust shop look at what you have now and see if they can patch up what you have.

If I cant get this fixed myself this will be my next option. I will go new once I get all the bugs worked out.

If you can get the car on jack stands, I would drain the trans fluid first, then drop the pan and inspect/clean it out. You'll need a new gasket when you reinstall. Olson's gaskets is a good place

Ok, Olsons got it, I was wondering about good gaskets. From reading I was going to refill with B&M Trick Shift.

BTW, this thread would be best located in the Project Blogs area of the forum. It'll get lost in the V-8 section. Maybe BigKev can move it?

That would be awesome! What do you think big Kev?

What I do see is that your radio is not the original. Somebody has swapped it out. What you have here is a rare Clipper signal-seeking radio, not a senior Packard radio.

Ya the last owner said he changed it out, there is another radio in the trunk, I will take a picture of and post it later today. The radio does not work, any recommendations for a good repair guy?

I would swap it out for the correct unit and let someone with a Clipper have a chance at this rare optional radio head.

I will definitely do this once I get a original in there. I hope the one in the trunk is the original.

Thanks for all of your guys input!

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