Re: Mike P 1955 400 Slow Resto Thread!

Posted by PackardDon on 2022/6/23 15:40:53
On the tank in question here, I would definitely seal it and not cut the line to put in an inline filter as I hate such butcher jobs. Fixed properly, an inline filter is totally unnecessary. People seem to want to re-engineer what was already engineered well and there is no reason for that.

So for the sealer, I used the Hirsch sealer on my 1954 Patrician’s tank many, many decades ago and when I drained it recently, I was surprised to see that the petrol still smelled as it should and had no discoloration whatsoever from age. Of course, it was still old and not particularly flammable but that wasn’t the tank’s or sealer’s fault. I can’t speak for the POR-15 as I’ve never used it but my money is on the Hirsch product and be sure to get their complete kit and etch the tank too while doing it.

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