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Posted by HH56 on 2022/7/18 14:58:18

humanpotatohybrid wrote:
Just to be clear, the valve covers (IIRC) were semigloss black on Clippers, and chrome on seniors.

No. 55 Clipper covers were black but smooth on top with a Clipper decal for identification. Packard covers were also black but the name Packard was embossed in the metal and letters painted a creme color. Whether the covers were gloss or semi gloss black is a question. I lean toward semi gloss for them but both have been seen in restored car photos. It is hard to tell in the black and white factory photos so it would take someone with a known original car in very good condition to say for sure.

Chrome covers were standard on the Caribbean and optional on other models. Not sure if they were sanctioned on the Clipper Deluxe but am sure a dealer would have sold them if a customer was buying.

Here is a rendering of the senior engine from a sales brochure. These images are notorious for being early production and sometimes show something not done on production cars. The illustrators take a lot of artistic license so use it as a guide not as proof.

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