Re: Mike P 1955 400 Slow Resto Thread!

Posted by HH56 on 2022/7/26 12:28:55
Ross would be the guy on issues inside the BTV and the acceleration issue but offhand I would wonder if there is an issue with the vacuum check valve or a leak. There is a reserve canister for the vacuum in the space under the left fender. I would check for any leaks in the reservoir and hose connection as well as the Tee fitting and connection to the BTV. Work your way back to the rear of the carb and find the check valve. If any connection is leaking or valve not holding it could be the reserve vacuum supply is not present. With nothing leaking there should be enough reserve for any stop and a couple of assisted stops after the engine is turned off.

On the TL, frequently the contacts inside the control switch oxidize. There are two sets of contacts plus those on the relays. The bimetal time delay contacts have to keep bending until they finally increase pressure enough to make a solid connection and energize the relay. The fact it sat for 5 minutes and finally did something kind of leads in that direction. If switch sits energized for too long the heater can burn out so I would pull the switch cover off and GENTLY run a contact burnisher over ALL the contacts including the relays and see if it works better. Pay attention the burnisher does not catch one of the thin wires going to the heaters. If the cover has never been removed you will need to drill the rivets and replace with short screws and nuts.

There is a small chance contacts in the limit switch are oxidized so you might want to pull the switch and clean them. If it continues to act up you may need to think about replacing the control switch with one of the reworked solid state switches.

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