Re: Mike P 1955 400 Slow Resto Thread!

Posted by Packardfan on 2022/8/5 13:35:17

HH56 wrote:

Leaking from the pump shaft to converter gasket is possible too and that would also have moist metal. In any event a leak will need to be corrected and unless by some miracle it is a drain plug the trans will have to come out to access any other place.

So I am gearing up to replace the FRONT SEAL and PUMP SHAFT SEAL. Please take a look at the attached pages. I have highlighted the seals I plan on purchasing to complete this. Please let me know if I am missing any..

How long would you guess it should take a complete transmission newb to complete this task in my drive way with car on stands? I hope im not getting in over my head on this one. Lol

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