Re: Mike P 1955 400 Slow Resto Thread!

Posted by HH56 on 2022/8/5 13:56:04
The pump shaft gasket may be OK. If the bolts holding the shaft to the pump housing are tight it should be fine but if you see streaks radiating outward from the gasket then would be a question. I don't remember which direction the bolts insert so if heads are on the converter inside, would require disassembling the converter to change and that you might not want to do unless you are planning a rebuild. You might watch a few of the videos Ross (Speedwell Garage) has posted to YouTube taken during his rebuilds of transmissions. Most can be found at the left menu video link.

The other seals you might consider are those around the throttle and manual shafts. Those are a frequent source of leaks. In some cases there is enough room in the bore that a new seal can be pushed over the old leaving it and the shaft intact. If that is not the case the transmission may need to be partially disabled to remove a shaft to change them. If you try to change leaving the shafts in place, take care to clean the shaft well and when trying to remove the old seals do not let the tools scratch any surface of the shaft. The new seal will be damaged sliding over a dirty or scratched shaft and soon start to leak.

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