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Posted by HH56 on 2022/7/22 19:48:05
Interesting question. The parts book lists the carpets for 55 using different part numbers for those going with the various trim code numbers. Only one part number for all 56 carpets so they must have had another way to determine what to send for a particular set.

When Dwight sold carpet he mentioned 6 colors but don't think he sells carpet anymore. His was house carpet but I thought it matched the 56 pattern quite well and was a finished set. It looks very good in my car. Neal Porter only mentioned 5 colors when he reproduced the 56 pattern and only sold bulk. No idea what if any he has left but you might give him a call to see if he has what you need. As far as I know his would be the only absolutely correct 56 pattern available. Here is colors Dwight and Neal mentions and am also posting the sample card for carpet that was in my Caribbean with code 296. Car is painted Maltese Gray, Scottish Heather and Dover White.

If you want to do some tedious research there is a large collection of upholstery and carpet sample cards (374 of them) in the photo archive. They are not in any particular order so you would need to look thru all of them to find your options but the cards and the photo descriptions have set numbers on them. ... album/viewcat.php?cid=102 The 56 showroom color and upholstery book is also on site. While it shows upholstery options I didn't see a mention for carpet color.

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