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Posted by HH56 on 2022/8/1 18:52:09
The motor is held to the regulator by three fairly long screws that go thru the gear housing portion of the motor assy into a threaded plate that is positioned behind the motor support pad. Once the screws are out the motor will lift off but the threaded plate will also be free and want to drop down. It needs to be held up while you lift the motor out so the pinion clears the plate and hole in the support pad. The bottom photo in this post ... id=246637#forumpost246637 shows the motor and quarter regulator.

Both the HT front and quarter regulator assy are two parts. The motor and sector gear is in one part which is connected by a long bar to the second part that actually works the window. The front window is not as bad as far as load but one thing to look out for is when the window hits either stop and the motor is still energized the inner door panel metal flexes where the slot and large screw holding the second part of the regulator is located. Many inner door panels are cracked and weak letting the parts get out of alignment. The quarter regulator has essentially no mechanical advantage other than a spring which does not seem to help much. That motor is very stressed in the up direction. If there is dried lube or binding the motor could be overloaded to the point the thermal breaker inside the motor is tripping.

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