Re: Side view mirror help needed

Posted by Mike Chirco On 2022/8/11 22:00:08
I’m sure there are many ways to attach the mirror to the housing. I have had the best luck with 100% silicone. If it’s off the car apply silicone in the housing. Enough so when the mirror is in place there is contact. Then flip the housing over on a flat surface so when it dries the edges of your mirror will be flush with the housing. If it’s on the car silicone some shims in place and dry fit the mirror so it flushes out. Add more silicone over the shims and to the housing. Set mirror In place and tape from back of mirror housing over the mirror to the other side. Tape it vertical and horizontal. If you leave out this last step you will be breaking out a sagged crooked mirror the next day. And now my thumbs are tired! Hope that helps.

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