Re: Another Torsion Level (TL) Question

Posted by HH56 On 2022/8/13 18:52:07
Presuming there is nothing else disconnected or any kind of damage elsewhere, I think you could do it without disturbing anything other than disconnecting the compensator and transverse bars from the short compensating bar levers so there will be absolutely no influence on the lever that is still attached in the proper position.

Have the car so all 4 wheels are on the ground or supporting the car. If you had access to a pit it would be the easiest but without that option, the wheels would need to be on ramps or blocks so you could get under to work. You could also have ramps in front and jack stands under the rear axle. Important thing is nothing in the suspension has the wheels just hanging down.

With the transverse bars disconnected, the remaining short bar and lever is going to find a spot it likes no matter where the level might be. The photo in the SM with a level car showing them pointing slightly toward center I suspect was taken on a Clipper with minimal accessories. In almost every senior model I have seen, level has them angled somewhere different and the more accessories, the more weight in front so the steeper the angle needed to have the short bar bring the rear to match and level. With the rear in the air I suspect the lever is going to have the ball pointing substantially toward or even slightly in the frame rail space.

Once you know where the lever wants to be, if you have room to work you could then reattach the lever to the flats so it is positioned substantially the mirror image of the same angle as the still connected side. If lever is buried in the frame or clamp bolt not accessible, then add some weight to the trunk -- say a 50# bag of sand or two. The added weight will cause the short bars to rotate and bring the levers more to the position shown in the SM. Once you have both levers attached and at substantially the same mirror image angle then reconnect the transverse bars and compensator. Make sure no electrical issue drove the compensator 180. "Vee" shape of compensator lever should point to passenger side and long transverse bar must be mounted at the rear side of the compensator. When everything is reconnected test and adjust the turnbuckle to the control switch as needed to get the car level.

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