Posted by HH56 On 2022/8/15 14:00:05
Not sure exactly where you are finding excess space but the lock cylinder does fit snugly in the outer housing which is the part thru the trunk lid held by the retaining clip. That is where the 5 or 6 movable pieces operated by the key have a place to do their job.

There does appear to be a lot of space at the end where the tang operated by the cylinder works the latch release mechanism. It looks like the space is provided for an adequate turn of the cylinder yet still allow the release mechanism to move slightly when the latch expands to lock in the hole in the striker. Does your lock match figure 72 on page 21 of section XIX body section of the SM and are all the springs good?

Many times the striker plate in a not cooperating lock is out of adjustment. Have you tried loosening the 3 bolts and adjusting the striker plate in the slots or oversized holes slightly?

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