Re: trunk lock

Posted by 1SG On 2022/8/15 21:37:15
Thank you for the quick response.

To answer the question about the figure 72 on pg 21: yes. But as I read your answer you think that I am having trouble with the lock cylinder. I guess that I was not clear. The cylinder is of proper fit and function. It is the "tang" that interfaces with the latch that has copious amount of extra space in the slot that it is inserted into. The slot is almost double the size of the tang.
The latch slot is located in the darkend oval in the latch directly to the left of the arrow that is pointing to the spring clip that holds the key cylinder in place in the trunk lid. The latch is operating correctly when the cylinder is removed and a flat blade screw driver is inserted and used to turn the latch. Everything has been adjusted and works with the exception of the key cylinder when installed. The key turns in the cylinder when not installed.
But my main question remains: is there supposed to be a great deal of space around the tang when installed in the latch? The tang turns to a 60 degree angle to make contact with the latch to activate it.

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