Yet another pump question

Posted by frank56 On 2022/8/29 21:36:50
An excellent article by an expert.

I'm working on a 56 Senior (with original 374) showing a credible 110,000 miles. The oil pressure jumps to 45 psi instantly and remains there at all times-warm or cold,highway or idle. If I turn the idle down to the point of stalling it will drop to 35 psi warm. There is occasional lifter noise after sitting for a few days but it goes away right away.

Good news; Except-I pulled the left valve cover and see an excellent oil flow with a lot of tiny bubbles flowing by.

The history of the car is not known but the engine has not been apart in the last 30 years. So it doesn't have the Olds pump. The car is going to see some highway use and it won't be babied.

I'd love some advice about the best course to take. Should I overfill the crankcase and hope the air intake is cut off? With good pressure how much of a threat is this to the bearings? I'd like to avoid the pump conversion at this time if it doesn't pose too great a risk but a rod coming through the block isn't a pleasant thought.

Thank you

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