Re: Oiling system history recap and update on the Oldsmobile oil pump conversion

Posted by HH56 On 2023/1/2 18:03:12
Now my oil pressure gauge is pegged and I am pushing oil thru the rear engine seal.

Did you install the kit with a high volume Olds pump or the regular output version. Several have had that same complaint with the leaking seal after installing the high volume pump but don't recall anyone mentioning the issue with the regular.

Not sure if high volume would affect the pressure unless volume is so high or bearing clearance is tight enough the normal bleed off around bearings and valve train cannot happen fast enough. If volume is not the cause, wonder if the pressure relief valve works the same as Packards and if it could be faulty. I think you could change output pressure on Packards with a different spring. Wonder if that would be the case with the Olds if the problem cannot be traced to something else.

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