Re: Oiling system history recap and update on the Oldsmobile oil pump conversion

Posted by humanpotatohybrid On 2024/4/23 7:06:29

DavidPackard wrote:

Does service data indicate the end cover wear tolerance, or a lapping procedure to restore the cover finish?


The service manual says to dress it down with a surface plate but there is nothing specific in the drawing. That would be covered in the endplay which as I mentioned, contradicts the service manual. I should measure the endplay, and gear & bore lengths on my pumps and see what they actually are.

One curiosity is that the assembly in the drawing I have does not have the vacuum pump attached. Instead, it has just a plate held on with cap screws.

The one drawing that I asked the Studebaker museum for but that I don't have is the one for body with the late design relief valve, 6492431. I have only the earlier body 440679.

When I have a sec I'll cross reference the assembly BOM on my drawing vs. the parts book. Because I have the important component part drawings, I did not ask them if they had 440679, the assembly drawing as given in the parts book. But while searching they stumbled upon the drawing I did order which is a much newer number and was drawn in mid 1956.

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