Re: Packard Axles

Posted by Redhexagon On 2022/9/29 0:32:22
All the Step-Down Hudsons that I've looked under had Dana-Spicer axles. Model 41's, I think.

I come from an AMC family and own quite a few myself. AMC had their own "model 15" and "model 20" axles that were unique to them and only used by them. I've seen model 15 and model 20 axles under Nashes all the way back to the 1940's. However, I do not know how "in-house" the design and production of those axles were. Word among AMC people is the axles were produced, at least partly, by Dana-Spicer for AMC. This would seem to make sense, given that the AMC model 15 became the Dana 35 after the Chrysler buyout of AMC.

Anyway, it's just fascinating to me.

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