Re: Ideas for engine cutting out under load.

Posted by humanpotatohybrid On 2022/10/3 7:33:47
Personally I haven't heard of capacitors/condensers not working when hot but resuming working when cold. Generally the life will be shortened by hot working temperatures (above their rating, not something your should have to worry about for purpose-built automotive ones), but not "stop and restart". Personally I doubt this would be the problem.

Next time it makes sense to, I would run through the electrical tests you have suggested for your own piece of mind if anything.

Next time it doesn't want to start for no apparent reason, immediately switch to a bottle, starter fluid, or hook up a boat tank to the carb. If it runs nice off of that, it's almost certainly a fuel problem. If not, not.

Nice thing about V-8 engines is that if one cylinder is unhappy you have 7 more. So you can more-or-less completely ignore for now anything that is cylinder-specific, like the plug wires off the distributor.

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