Re: Ideas for engine cutting out under load.

Posted by HH56 On 2022/10/3 9:29:57
Intermittent issues because of the distributor flex wire is a known issue. Usually happens when the old fabric insulation rots and a chunk falls off the wire. When the advance plate moves the wire can short. If enough insulation falls off it often changes to a direct short and no spark at all. This has become a problem for several when they try to start the car after doing work in the distributor that moves the wire.

Gas tank pinholes are another known issue as is moving debris in the tank that sometimes blocks the inlet opening. For pinholes, there are two bends in the fuel line often exposed to air where this is known to happen. If you can pin it down to a specific fuel level all the more possible. The flex fuel hose between the steel line and fuel pump is another place to check. If the hose is old and hard the inner lining could be cracked letting a chunk pull out under suction and partially block the bore.

Here is a photo of the inner tank that Ross posted some years ago. Notes show where pinholes have been found.

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