Re: Twin Ultramatic Lifespan.

Posted by 5540Packards On 2022/10/11 4:54:02
I have owned a 1955 Packard 400 since 2003. The best ultramatic that car ever had was the one it came from the factory it lasted 51 years until it blew up on the Pennsylvania turnpike. After that it was like a game of musical chairs with rebuilt ultramatics (3) none of which lasted more than 2 years. If some day your Ultramatic goes to that great auto salvage yard in the sky, here is what I suggest get a conversion kit from Bendtsens and a rebuilt 700r General Motors transmission. The cost for the conversion was about $3500 but from a reliability performance and gas mileage standpoint it was well worth it. My car now had more pickup and way better gas mileage that it ever had with Ultramatic.

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