Re: 1955 Caribbean Convertible BOOT - wanted

Posted by Leeedy On 2022/11/30 19:13:06

Marty or Marston wrote:
Sorry it took so long. I would think any good auto upholstery person should be able to make one without a lot of problems.

Nice effort... except for one major point: where did the snaps on the top of the rear seat backrest come from? And where is the boot flap? Why is the boot on top of the rear backrest instead of behind it?

The illustration here is completely missing the tuck-in flap on the boot. Not there at all. Take a look at the big flap on the Hughes Caribbean boot (obviously not in proper mounting position, but there).

Original boots had a large tuck-in flap with a built-in stiffener in the front of the boot... but not snaps on the top of the seat backrest. The boot tucked behind the backrest, not on top. Where did these snaps come from?

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