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Posted by humanpotatohybrid On 2022/10/13 7:51:29
HH: Yes, I'll be investigating that. For dealer installed reverse lights, you can expect that there's a wire attached to the Acc terminal, thru the trans switch, then under the car, as that's how it is on my Clipper. But they were standard on the Seniors so it should be part of the factory harness on my 400.

Don: here's a tip, if you're doing a fair amount of electrical work, just remove the glove box. That gives you much better access to the fuses, and the right side of the dash switches.

Another annoyance I have with the schematic is that it looks like 4 of the fuses are fed by nothing. In reality, the red wire appearing to feed the Clock feeds those 4 also, with a common strip on the fuse block. They are all fed from Bat. The Radio is powered by Acc, and the instrument cluster only by Ign. See reply...

Also, on the topic of "confusing schematic things", here's what the "body feed" fuse powers. Brake lights (but not the running lights), rear cigar lighter(s), rear reading lamp(s), trunk light, side courtesy lamps (but not the running lamps), and the glove box light. So if you blow the fuse by overusing your cigar lighters, the brake lights stop working. Nice.

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