Brake Noise & Fading

Posted by Marty or Marston On 2022/10/21 13:02:58
The brake system on the ’55 Caribbean has been completely rebuilt (Treadlevac rebuilt, new wheel cylinders, shoes relined, flexible hoses replaced, system flushed, fresh fluid added [DOT 3], wheel bearings and seals installed, and drums replaced or turned [keeping them with less than 0.06” oversize].). Driving around the area they respond very nice. However, on a 50 mile drive with some stop and go they felted like there was some brake fade and when the pedal was hard there was a chattering, grabbing and groaning noise from the front wheels.

It seems to me that the problem is due to overheating of the front brake shoes and drums. Is there any else that the problem can be associated with?

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