Re: Brake Noise & Fading

Posted by Marty or Marston On 2022/11/27 13:23:57
I checked the idle yesterday and in neutral the car idled a shade over 600 maybe 610. Reviewing the information in the Rochester Carburetors MODLE 4GC 1955-56 PACKARD bulletin on page 5 step 7 I saw it called out for an idle 400 in "Dr." so I set it there. This provided an idle of 430 in neutral.

I drove the car about 5 miles in city traffic. There was not a lot of stop and go. When I applied the brakes real hard, the noise came back, which is a real loud groaning noise. They don't pulsate per say, but they don't feel right. I would think that a pulsating from out of round drums would happen all the time when trying to stop.

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