Re: Re-installing rear brake drums

Posted by Ross On 2022/10/23 6:38:00
You are making your life entirely too miserable. Relax a little.

The locating stud is for your assistance while installing the tire. It has no structural or locating job once the lug nuts are tight.

Snug up the center nuts,(I zip them on with an impact gun) install the wheels and put the car on the ground. Don't be overly concerned with the exact torque; get it in the ball park then proceed to the next slot to install the cotter pin. I can assure you the mechanics at the dealership did not use a torque wrench. A self-locking taper makes a very reliable and accurate joint. That is why it was used on machine tools. You will find that the washer is soft and the nut will pull it down. If you like, lay it on the back of your vise and beat it flat.

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