Re: Re-installing rear brake drums

Posted by ScottG On 2022/10/23 18:24:11
Ignorance and misery often go hand in hand, or so I've been told.

After looking at the washers again, I decided to just replace them with two new SAE grade 8 washers. This, along with your advice to draw the nut tight with an impact wrench, lower the car and then tighten to the next open castellation, took care of the cotter pin alignment issue. I did double check the torque once aligned and I was north of 250ft-lbs on each nut.

Unfortunately, while the brakes stop smoothly and straight, the left rear secondary shoe is still grinding on the inside of the "hat" of the drum. I had thought that a maintenance adjustment of the rear shoes would eliminate this, but I'm now at a bit of a loss. Could the hold-down springs be allowing the shoe to creep outboard on higher-speed (30mph and up) stops or should I be looking somewhere else? (The rear hardware all looked to be in good shape but it's age is unknown).

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