Re: Re-installing rear brake drums

Posted by DavidPackard On 2022/10/23 22:12:59

During the rear axle bearing clearance adjustment there are shims placed between the rear axle housing and the backing plate. The wisdom found in the various shop manuals suggest both sides should have about the same thickness of shims left to right. If the shims are all on one side there is the possibility that the thrust block masked the true bearing clearance. I would start by double/triple checking the bearing clearance check for A.) is the clearance is close to the correct value, and B.) is there anywhere near an equal amount of shims on each side. A wildly high amount of bearing clearance is likely to result in some interference. A drum with axial run-out could also result in rubbing. Your question about hold-down springs reminded me of the subject as to whether the brake drum is a cylinder or worn into a cone shape. If all of scoring and wear could not be ‘turned-out’, and that wear was favoring the out-board side the shoe could be (emphasis on vague) pulled out-board.

Would you say the noise appears when the car is going straight ahead, or are you in a shallow turn?

You wrote that ‘the rear hardware all looked to be in good shape . . . ‘, how far did you disassemble the rear-end?


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