Re: Re-installing rear brake drums

Posted by ScottG On 2022/10/23 22:58:51
The grinding noise occurs while decelerating in a straight line from speeds of 25-30mph or greater. I can't say if it occurs while turning as I'm usually under those speeds when entering a turn.

As for my comment vis-a-vis the hardware, I was referring to just the brake hardware. I only removed the rear brake drums to inspect the shoes and springs after the grinding noise started. After seeing that the shoes were not visibly worn, the retaining hardware was intact and the drum braking surface was not scored, I put everything back together and adjusted the brakes per the manual. I hoped that the shoes simply needed adjusted and that a bit too much travel was allowing the shoe to move outward and contact the inner face of the drum. Unfortunately, the noise never changed although braking performance improved a bit.

I can identify the two points of contact from where the sound is emanating: one, is a relatively small shiny spot on the steel edge of the secondary shoe; and, two, the heads of the little rivets that are found along the circumference of the drum "hat" are polished to a shine. I just don't know what's leading to the contact.

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