Having trouble starting my 400...

Posted by humanpotatohybrid On 2022/11/7 17:33:48
So normally I can spray some starting fluid in the air cleaner and get it started just fine. Today however, (of course it's when I scheduled oil+tires over a week in advance) it just ins't starting. I'm using starting fluid and it has fuel, I tested spark with a tester on a cylinder and that seems fine, engine sounds the same when I crank it over (I just drove it a couple weeks ago), so I'm really lost on what the issue could be. I've tried starting it on full choke, no choke, and the default one (temp controlled). One note is that the carb is not original and the choke is only on one side. You'd think with the various amounts of starting fluid I've used it would have fired sometime.

Is there anything I'm missing? Again I just drove it a couple weeks ago and it's never been hard to start as long as I had some starting fluid to spray in before I cranked it.

Picture is of my carb.

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