Re: Having trouble starting my 400...

Posted by humanpotatohybrid On 2022/11/18 17:52:50
I was planning to redo what I did yesterday anyway but holy guacamole...

- Carb fitting too loose
- Fuel filter installed backwards (I installed it the way the fittings were on out of the box, but I should have noticed they were reversed as I replaced the rubber seal in the pump...)
- Fuel line was cross threaded but also only screwed on by like 1 thread

So this reminds me why I'm an electrician by trade and not a plumber

So obviously all that is fixed now, all the Teflon tape is gone but I did use TFE compound I had lying around sparingly on all the connections except the fuel line itself. Won't hurt to use some even though likely nothing needs it.

So this is how it looks now.

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