Re: Having trouble starting my 400...

Posted by Packard Don On 2022/11/18 19:32:41
I don’t know about TFE but many sealing methods are not compatible with gasoline and especially not if it contains ethanol. In any event, these fittings should always be assembled clean and dry and putting sealer on a flare fitting makes no sense at all as the threads do no sealing whatsoever.

As for cross-threading (and not being a plumber), with any threads whether plumbing or not, the rule is to always turn together several threads (turns) before using a wrench on it.

I’m surprised I didn’t notice that the filter was backwards! I guess I was focusing on the teflon too much.

Also, you had asked about the copper washer. It should be a close fit to the threads so as to maximize contact as it’s the only seal there. Carburetor rebuild kits often come with a fiber washer which also works well.

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