Re: Having trouble starting my 400...

Posted by humanpotatohybrid On 2022/11/30 17:53:22
So I got everything hooked together but it's leaking from the glass bowl. Obviously it's not tightened down enough but how much should it be tightened? I don't want to break the glass. Just tighten until it stops leaking?

Previous to that I stripped the 90 degree fitting pretty bad on the line side, I ordered a new one but in the meantime I was able to repair it with help from filing and taking the fuel line off my Clipper so I could align + thread things properly on the bench. It's a flare fitting so the goofed threads won't hurt anything, guess I'll have a spare.

Then of course my car cover blew off (my own fault for not clipping it down like I usually do, it's needed in 13+mph winds of today) and it got wet + dirty plus it's below freezing so I need to hopefully have the sun and high of 36 tomorrow at least melt the ice off my car so I can put a cover back on (I do have a spare, at least, but a tad small). If not tomorrow, Friday it's getting pretty warm (45) so that should be enough. With no precip the next two days, nothing else of annoyance should compound this issue (knock on wood).

Plus the last time I took it around the block I noticed a bit of pinging (pretty quiet, only noticeable when stopped) so I got some 93 in my Jerry can to boost the octane in the tank by a couple points but as we all know, you can't use the new style of gas cans without spilling gas on your hands so even after washing a few times I'm still smelling fumes writing this out. Yes it's a small annoyance by comparison, but also feels so needless.

Just a few frustrating events right in a row.

P.S. And I did clean the TFE paste of the fittings...

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