Vent Window Nylon Repro Project

Posted by humanpotatohybrid On 2022/11/7 21:12:43
I got a vent window nylon piece out. They are a bit interesting in their design, as they are split from new. As the piece wears from age and gets stiffer in its mount, turning the vent window open actually pries the piece open a bit causing it to jam when it hits the metal, resulting in the "45°" window, instead of it opening fully. Of course if it's really lacking lubrication, or is fractured, any number of things can happen. I even saw a car once where the vent window was stuck open at about a 90° angle.

The trouble is that the slot can't just be eliminated because that's what helps regulate the friction holding the window in the desired position. Without it, that would be too hard to adjust. What I have done is rounded the edges a significant amount using spline curves. This seemed to help significantly in my test piece. Likewise the top flange has a standard round. To aid in 3D printing, I eliminated the tab on the bottom of the piece, as it really should not be necessary for the piece to stay in place.

I have made an eBay listing here:
Price will be $9.99 (+ shipping) for a pair but if you want to pre-order them now it's $1 off... (trust me you want to replace both). I want to get things validated before shipping them out.

If you need more than a pair, just DM me and I'll quote you based on how many you need. For example, for 16 I can do $49 instead of $80, with shipping included.

If you're interested please write below. Likewise if you have any suggestions.

Photo of the redesigned one (actual print will be black):
Original Image

Photos of the original piece:
Original Image
Original Image

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