Re: Vent Window Nylon Repro Project

Posted by humanpotatohybrid On 2022/11/28 19:18:32
Did a bit of prototyping and I have a design I'm happy with. I also received a number of pre-orders, with a fair number of units going to the Switzerland Packard Club.

The pieces are solid nylon, printed with Multi Jet Fusion technology which provides greater strength and dimensional accuracy than traditional 3D print methods.

Here is a short video:

Here is a tutorial of how to install on a 2dr. The 4dr instead of removing the hinge screw, there are two screws above the vent window to unscrew, then lean the window asy towards the interior of the car (with the door still open, of course) and remove the two screws on top of the window, then the pin can be pried up out.

When installing, note the image below for the correct orientation.

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