Re: Type of gas and whether to use lead substitute?

Posted by Jack Vines On 2022/11/17 10:53:45

humanpotatohybrid wrote:
Wondering what the community consensus is on octane of gas and whether to add lead substitute for the 56 V8 engines with 9.5:1 compression?

My '55 352 runs just fine on 87 Unleaded. Previous owner of 10-plus years used the same.
World's of difference between a 7.8 compression '55 352" and a 10:1 '56 374". The '56 with 9.5 is in-between. I've seen some with piston tops showing severe detonation effects from running cheap gas. No more miles than hobby cars get, go with the good stuff and keep a close watch on ignition initial timing settings.

jack vines

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