Re: Treadle Vac rebuild

Posted by pajse On 2023/1/24 19:28:02
I have pulled out my Treadle Vac after 30 plus years that I have owned the car and never touched it. It has not given any problems in all that time. When I rebuilt the brake system in the late 80s I put new wheel cylinders and brake lines in and flushed the Treadle Vac. I then put in silicon brake fluid. One Treadle Vac rebuilder I talked with tells me I can't use silicon fluid in the new rebuild, he says the silicon fluid (dot 5) has changed and will swell and degrade the seals in the unit, has anyone experienced this. I have had no problems with the brakes on the Packard in all the years I have owed it and would like to continue to use silicon fluid in it.

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