Re: Batwing air cleaner dual quad

Posted by HH56 On 2023/2/13 13:47:43
Because Packard batwings had a somewhat unique carb spacing and those cleaners are so rare, if you are going to need to modify the cleaner substantially anyway to make it fit under the hood I wonder if finding one that might be a bit easier to come by and modifying that would work better. Also wondering if it is even possible to modify one to make it fit since the pots are deep and need to clear the rockers. Because of that the entire assy is raised fairly high over the carbs yet the GH hood is so low. Have you looked into one of the dual carb universal elongated oval types? One of those might fit under the bumpout in the hood center without much work.

A few years ago a fellow published an article on other batwings with emphasis and spacings for various implementations geared toward Pontiac and GM models. I would think almost anything made for other than Packard would be more plentiful.

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