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Posted by Leeedy On 2023/2/14 20:01:40
Contrary to what some seem to believe, 1950s Cadillac Eldorado dual quad batwings will drop right onto a Packard V8 Caribbean. No spacing issues. The big spacing issues are with Chevrolet batwings (BTW, original Chevy batwings and MoPar batwings are probably the rarest of all batwing air cleaners). Those are very different.

Simply turn the Eldo air cleaner around backwards and drop it onto the Packard Caribbean quads. But there are issues.

The differences are as follows:

• Cadillac batwing air cleaners mount in reverse position to Packards.

• SOME Eldo oil bath pots (the hanging cylindrical components) are larger (deeper and larger diameter) than Packard pots. The largest of the Eldo pots may rub on Packard valve covers.

• Cadillac Eldo pots attach with chrome pieces that were actually drawer pull knobs. Packards used wing nuts. Look for them in cars pictured online and in auctions.

• SOME Cadillac Eldo batwings also have a diecast chrome-plated "V" on top.

• MoPar batwings had extra ribs pressed into the top of the housings. No idea about their carb spacing.

Over the years I have had all of these at one time or another.

There are numerous Eldo batwings riding around on Caribbean V8s. A couple recently put up for auction with the sellers bragging the cars were "all original and complete" have had Eldo air cleaners.

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