Re: Under hood blanket

Posted by JeromeSolberg On 2022/12/18 11:04:18
I bought one of Dwight Heinmullers's pads, which appears to be the original material, though for some reason I had to trim it a bit. In the end, I decided to wrap it in some fabric mesh material like you use in a garden. That kept it together much better, it's black but not shiny, seems to be appropriate. I also found that the spray adhesive (3M 90?) that Dwight recommended worked well but I was only able to purchase it mail order. I should have bought two cans but did not, so when I ran out had to use some of the stuff I could get at the hardware store, 3M 77 I think. Even with two cans worth I should have used more. I'll take a picture later and post. The pad does help absorb sound and makes freeway driving more pleasant.

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